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Flows are viscous flow of saturated materials at high velocity, concentrated channels. These streams have a high concentration of solid, comparable to of landslide and their dynamics may be considered at interface between and hydraulic flow. The triggering factor is intense rainfall or which brings the loose material to a state of almost complete saturation.

Times, Sunday Times (2017)It is just so difficult to deal with this situation. The Sun (2016)It is very difficult to get in the first team. The Sun (2016)He said it had been a difficult first quarter but there had been some improvement in the second three months in its stores and online.

l’estate del 1983. Un ragazzino canadese di circa dieci anni è in vacanza con la famiglia in Italia, a Firenze. Vacanze d’altri tempi, lunghe e pigre. Cerca con Google CATARSI E., Leggere le figure. Il libro nell’asilo nido e nella scuola dell’infanzia, Pisa, Del Cerro, 1999. Cerca con Google ECO U., Sei passeggiate nei boschi narrativi, RCS, Milano, 1994.

Thovma Khatisian è giunto al capolinea. Una vita pienala sua, settantatré primavere trascorse intensamente e nel segno del pericolo, precoce nello sradicamento e costretto a faticare ogni giorno per trovare il proprio posto nel mondo, con tutta la dignità del caso. Il tempo è scaduto ma lo si è speso bene, conducendo un’esistenza ben più giusta di quanto non sia stato nei suoi confronti il kismet, il destino.

Those who apostatize are thus numbered among the reprobate. Since the resurrection of Christ, there is no distinction between blasphemy against Christ and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (cf. ; ; ) [Karlberg 1996].[1]. Times, Sunday Times (2017)There was an unpleasant atmosphere and we were an unhappy team. Peter McEvoy For Love or Money (2006)You can learn valuable lessons from unpleasant people too. Times, Sunday Times (2014)What do we do when we feel intensely unpleasant emotions? Times, Sunday Times (2013)Why do the lavatories always smell unpleasant? Times, Sunday Times (2010)They make me want to curl up with embarrassment and shame to be reading something so unpleasant.

Unfortunately, these kinds of landscapes are under threat all over the world. As a designer, you can begin to understand and chart these interrelated cycles of human ecosystems and natural ecosystems. You try to combine them in such a way that you are making a regenerative, positive cycle rather than what we’ve done in the past which has frankly been extractive and exploitative.

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